Chit Oo Nyo (Writer)

Chit Oo Nyo (Writer)


Chit U Nyo was fathered by the great sage U Shwe Daung Nyo, He was born on December 30, 1947 in Mandalay to his mother, Daw Sein Rin. More than real name, He is the eldest of 7 siblings. In front of Mandalay Palace in 1952. He received his education at Mataratai Primary School and in 1956 attended Wesley School and BBOA School in Mandalay. In 1957, he passed grade 10 from Mandalay High School (1) in Mandalay. In 1962, he attended Mandalay University in Upasa Wiz (A) class. In 1963-68, he attended Yangon University of Arts and Sciences, majoring in philosophy, and in 1968, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in three languages ​​with honors. He continued to attend the Master’s.

The beginning of a writer’s life

Since 1970, Workers’ College Sittwe College Served as an instructor in the Central Cooperative Training School, and after giving up his service life in 1975, he became a scriptwriter and director of a caste group. Worked as a tutor. In 1970, he entered the field of literature with his first short story, Yangon Middle, which was published in the October issue of Moe Wai Literary Magazine. Novels in Moe Wai Literary Magazine and Shuma Wa Comics Magazine article Wrote translations. The first full-length novel was Lanka Dipa Luang (1977).

Author’s life activities

In 1977, he published his first full-length novel, Lanka Deep Lover. Since January 1999, he has served as an advisor to the Drama Department of Yangon Cultural University. While writing literature, Chi U Nyo worked as the editor-in-chief of Thabin Magazine (1983-1988) and the editor-in-chief of Shwe Pyitan Journal (1999-2000). In 1997, he was responsible for the screenplay and art director of the novel ‘My Slave’ by University of Purnain. Teacher Chit U Nyo led Sanda Oo Cultural Theater Group, and teacher Doctor Amba Pali, He acted as a screenwriter and director of Sitatar Lekha dramas. So, A, Dance competition, Worked as the judging panel leader in the drama competition. During the years 1998-2002, Singapore India China Thailand He went to Malaysia and the United States for literary and cultural arts activities.

April 1999 In May, he went to India as an advisor to the Myanmar Ramayana caste group. Again, in May 2000, he went to the 2000 Peking Festival of the People’s Republic of China as an advisor to the Burmese Cultural Theater Group. In November of that year, at the invitation of Thailand’s Maha Chulalongkorn University, he submitted a thesis on the Burmese Ramayana to the Literature and Art Department of that university in Bangkok. In September 2001, he attended the international Ramayana conference held at Northern Illinois University in the United States of America and submitted and read a paper on Myanmar Ramayana (the role of yamaryana in Myanmar society). In 2002, he attended the International Writing Program organized by Ohio University in the United States.

During his 42 years of writing, he wrote 16 books on the background of Buddhist culture. 18 historical novels 8 collections of short and long stories; 7 articles on literature and art philosophy 7 books of essays and research papers; 6 books on the background of the contemporary art world; A total of 62 books have been written and published.

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