Dr. Dharmathi (Oxford)

Dr. Dharmathi

In 1964, Reverend Dr. Dhammathami was born in Shan State. Lecha City He was born in Neung Pan Village. At the age of 6, Shan State Lecha City He became a monk in the presence of U Kethara (Kamthanasriya, Mahasan) of the Sri Vyamyan Oth School. At the age of 20, Mawlamyine, Mawlam Myain City, after appeasing the Master of the Mountain Four Monastery, Baddanta Nagasena Bhiwantha (Abhidha Maharatha Guru). He accepted the psya nugga of Dawree and his family, and became a monk at the Khandae of the Wayalant Monastery.

Degrees earned

In 1985, the Myanmar government organized the ‘Sathanandha Dharmasarya’; “Saddhammodaya Dhammasriya” of Pali University of Bagu City and Sham State. He successfully passed all three Dhammasriya classes, such as the Shan religion ‘Abipala Dhammasriya’, held in Panglong, as a novice. He won the first prize in the Pali language of the Pali language in the Pali language of the Pali school of Pali.

In 1993, he received his first Master of Arts (MA, Buddhism) from the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka, Colombo. After that, he received the second MA, Buddhist Philosophy (1993) and the third M.Phil, Research Degree (1996) from the University of Kalaniya, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Missionary activities

The Bishop founded the Oxford Buddha Vihara Monastery in England. It has been established since 2003 at Oxford University and has been teaching and opening weekly meditation camps. Singapore Branches are also established in India and Malaysia, and meditation centers are opened alternately every month and year. Spain Serbia In Western European countries such as Hungary, showing annual short-day meditation camps; Teaching Abhidhamma and Pali courses; India Thailand Singapore Malaysia Korea Japan China Taiwan United States France Germany He has also visited other countries of the world such as Canada as appropriate and carried out missionary duties.

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