Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay (Writer)

Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay (Writer)

Mama Liao was born in Kamakalu Village, Bo Kalay Township, Phayap District, Ayeyarwady Division, father U Pya Cho (Dawsin Bank Manager), Born on Friday, April 13, 1917 by Ami Daw Kwi. The fourth of five siblings. His real name is Ma Tin Hlaing.


In 1922, he graduated from the public school in Phayabe ABM School and in 1927 he passed the seventh grade. After that, she studied at Yangon City High School Yangon City Women’s School until ninth grade (1932). In 1938, she married U Chit Maung, editor-in-chief of Myanmar Light newspaper. On April 3, 1946, her husband Journal Kyaw U Chit Maung died, leaving behind two sons and a daughter. On May 14, 1959, married U Aung Zeya.

The beginning of a writer’s life

Member of Toba Association in Bokalay City and Chairman of Tayyam Women’s Association (1936 – 37); Publisher of more than one journal Journal Kyaw and editor of the People’s Hit Newspaper (1939); Vice President of Women’s Pen Association and Editor-in-Chief of Pen Magazine (1947); Chairman of Myanmar Writers Association and Vice Chairman of World Peace Congress Myanmar (1955); Served as Secretary General of Burma Writers’ Literary Club (1961 – 62). Member of the Cultural Committee to China and the Soviet Union (1952); Asian Writers’ Conference, New Delhi (1955); Anti-Atomic Conference [Japan] (1958); For the Japanese translation of the novel “Blood”, he went abroad with an honorary invitation to Japan (1980).


He died at 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 6, 1982, at his home on Pythayar Road, Yangon.

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