Journal Kyaw U Chit Maung (Writer)

Journal Kyaw U Chit Maung (Writer)

In the year 1273 of Burmese, in the town of Ukfo, Thayarwati District, Blue Moon (13) On Monday, father U Mya, He was born by his mother, Daw Saw Yu. His real name is U Chit Maung. (My mother’s father, Shwe Chingwain U Ching, was killed during the revolution when the British took over Myanmar.)


When he was young, he was educated in Lepantan city. Mr. O-Aung Tun, the headmaster of Lepantan City Government High School, gave him a school, and he passed grade 10 and worked as a temporary teacher in that school.

The beginning of a writer’s life

After that, he came to Yangon to buy books and did not return once. Later, he joined Price Newspaper and Myanmar Light Newspaper. By working hard, he was gradually promoted to the life of the night editor. The life of the editor-in-chief of Burmese Light and the news that will be beneficial for the country are written intelligently, and he has become empathetic.


(April 3, 1946) 13th year Died on the 2nd day of the late Tang Khoo Moon. Organized by the FASPALA Federation and buried at the Cane Forest Cemetery.

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