Laybarti Ma Mya Yin

Laybarti Ma Mya Yin

The famous actress and record singer Liberty Myarin (1904-1945) was born in 1266 in the village of Shwe Kupalkan, Thasan District, to Prince U Po Myu and Princess Daw Nyan Ying. Being from a theater background, he was familiar with all aspects of theater from a young age, and due to his passion and innate talent, when he came to Mandalay to dance, he was able to compete with the city’s leading actresses.


Ma Myain got married at the age of 20. However, because he was comfortable, he didn’t say that he was Ma Myain’s husband. Her husband was also a wealthy man, so they had to spend the rest of their lives as a married couple without advertising that she was his wife. When the person said that he didn’t like living with clowns in the song Ma Myain, U Thawan Yat knew that it was a song that was written in detail by the king.

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