Mg Paw Tun (Writer)

Mg Paw Tun (Writer)

In Shwe Mewa Village, Man Aung Township, Rakhine State, U Maung Pu, master of painting and sculpture, 1935 from Ami Daw Aye He was born on May 14. His real name is Khin Maung Soe.


Primary education was taught in the native community monastery and high school. He came to Yangon at the age of 15 and attended a private school. He won the first prize in Myanmar calligraphy from Hla Commercial College. In 1955, he started working as a typewriter shorthand clerk in the Burmese Translation Literature Association (Lithuan Biman). In 1967-68, he passed the Basic Education High School Examination with honors in English. Received first prize in Journalism Academy Week (1). In 1973, he received a Bachelor of Arts (Bachelor of History) from the Workers’ College. In 1978, he retired as the supervisor of the Temple of Literature Book Association.

A writer’s life

In 1958, he entered the world of literature with a translation of the Russian story Seven Year Old Girls in Sapaong magazine. magazine translated novels in journals; Articles were written sporadically. book world publication pan magazine Editor in Cherry Magazine and Business Magazine; Worked as editor-in-chief and consulting editor.

The book is the book with Maung Sushin and Maung Soo-shin, who wrote the book “What is Journalism?” Co-authored and published with Thein Tin (Ham Thawati).

Revolution from the Nile River; My beloved Sukarno, the pentagon Yaftutsin, Mountbatten and the Indian War of Independence; world war Chief to settle, How to make money, how to spend money the ideal salesman; Everything I didn’t learn at Harvard Business School exemplary leadership; Growth through self-improvement, The Great Wave Oxford University English Grammar Modern Marketing Strategy; He has translated and published about 50 books such as Kantara Sanyarei. (10) He lived in Ward Zeya (8) Street.


On August 13, 2022, at 9:45 a.m., he died of old age at his home in South Ukkalap Township, Yangon.

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