Mg Tun Thu(Writer)


1931 – On December 19, Father Land Survey Clerk U Pe Tin, Ami Daw Phyu said Mandalay Division, Rang Thani District, He was born in the city of Shoab. He is the eldest of 2 siblings and his real name is U Tin Tun.

Happy childhood Black team He was educated in the cities of Penmana. He has been writing scrapbooks since he was a high school student.


1951 – He passed the matriculation exam of Yangon University. He went on to Yangon University.

1955 – Received Bachelor of Arts from Yangon University.

1955 – 58 – Singapore Received a ‘Diploma in Social Science’ from the University of Malayu.

travel articles; translated articles; In addition to short stories, Myawati magazine, Money Tari Magazine He also wrote articles in the workers’ daily newspapers. In 1969, he returned to his parent department, the Department of Social Welfare, as the Head of Divisional Social Welfare. In 1975, he received the United Nations Human Rights Fellowship Award (1974) and went to the United States to attend social science courses. He retired from civil service in 1983.

Writer Life

In 1980, the collection of short stories ‘Little Birds Without Wings’ published by the Literature Temple and the book ‘The Castle’, which won the National Literature Award in 1983, were Maung Tun Thu’s first personal full-length novel and full-length novel in Burmese translation.

Maung Tun chose foreign novels based on his passion for literature and translated them expertly into Burmese. Tas written and published by Maung Tun Thu, jail standard steel cross land owned by Our life, our world, green wind power origin two worlds Faithful Saigon the last land Translated novels such as Dream Fire appeared.

Translated writer Maung Tun has written and published more than seventy translated novels. After retiring from government service in 1983, Maung Tun Thu, who entered the world of literature, continues to write and publish translated books.

No. (529), Shwe Sin (7) Road, He is living in New Dagon North (44) Ward.

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