Mogok Sayardaw U Wimala

Mogok Sayardaw U Wimala


In 1261 Burmese year, Mokot monk Bolong Lya (11) days over the full moon On Wednesday, he was born to his father U Aung Tun and mother Daw Shwe Yag in the village of Garden Tow, on the other side of the Myit Xung Myit, called Duthwati River. His younger name is Maung Hlabo. He is the fifth son of eight children.

At the age of 9 years old, he came as a monk to U Zagara, the monk of Gwe Pintawra School in Garden Village, and was given the title of Shin Wimala. When Shinvimala was born (2), the parents thought to let people go out, but Shinvimala did not come out. As his companion Shinwayama also moved to another place, Shinvimala left alone to the marriage house in Amarapura, where his sister, the nun Mathusari, lived. Bishop U Thuzata also begged to stay at Makut Temple.

In 1281, when Shin Vimala reached the age of 20, On the 8th of the first month of Wassol, he became a noble monk after giving grace to the monk at the wedding hall in Amarapura.

In 1286, he sat down to study in the middle pitikat school inside the Mingala school building, and he lectured for more than thirty years. In the future, he wrote by hand the great book of Abhidhamma Takhon, which the first Kyaw Master U Ohn had not completed by hand. After that, he also compiled ‘Yamak Manzuri Book’ and ‘Putujana Light Book’. Bishop U Wimala was teaching literature to the students and monks, but on the other hand, he was preaching the teachings of Abhidhamma to all the lay people.

Beginning in 1294 (1932 AD), Bishop U Wimala came to Mokot every year and preached his sermons at the request of U Ley and his wife Daw Thay Wong, a school deacon from George Taung Rup, Mokot City (now a municipal district). The monk is the Great Pagoda of Sri Lanka. For Yangon’s 1000 Pagodas, the Sein Phu Tu and the Ruby Club were erected.

From the year 1303 (1941 AD) during the Second World War, it was spent in Mokot.

In the year 1316 (1954 AD), the Bishop was given the honor of Daw Daw On, He received a donation from Daw Daw Phong to build a temple in Mokok town with a sign saying “Wedding House”.

When World War II spread to Burma, avoiding the sufferings of the war, the Venerable Pagoda spent a short time in the cemetery of Mokok. After that, due to the order of U Nagawantha, the monk of the Eight Noble Phantasms, he came to Bob Dan Village, which is about four miles away from Mokot City, to practice meditation. Even inside that cave, from the year 1304 (year 1942), he practiced and practiced for four years and achieved greatness. It was different from the teachings preached before, and the teachings preached in the post-war period became more unique and full of seriousness.

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