Shwe Ou Daung (Writer)

Shwe Ou Daung (Writer)

Master Shwe Ou Daung 1251; He was born on the 2nd day of the new moon (October 24, 1889 AD). He was born in Echein (Whatan) neighborhood of Mandalay, his parents are U Era and Daw Shwe. The teacher’s real name is U Fe Thein.


U Era’s father used to serve as a parliamentary clerk during Thipaomin’s reign. Worked as a shoemaker during the colonial period. His mother, Daw Shwe, also served as a reader during Thipao Min’s reign, and even received the title of Taninkathi village chief. After the death of Thipao Min, U Era and Daw Shwe met and gave birth to the Master.


The master began his studies at the Buddhist nunnery in Mandalay. Then the public school Dakshinawantai Monastery, Mandalay Moved to ABM schools in stages. In 1908, he passed Calcutta University’s recognized university entrance examination. Then he worked as a teacher at Mandalay Buddhist School and ABM School. After that, the office of Shwe Bo Worked as a clerk in the Wood Office. After that, he started working as a forestry clerk at the Agriculture and Cooperative Commissioner’s Office in Mandalay. The life of a forest clerk married for the first time at the age of 21. After 3 years of relationship, the marriage broke up. After quitting his job in 1914, he met his second marriage. In 1920, he divorced his second marriage. After visiting a friend in Mya Taung Village, Katha District, he met Daw Soe from Mya Taung and got married for the third time. My married life became stable after Daw Soe and I were married.

The beginning of a writer’s life

While studying at ABM School, Master got the seeds of his love for reading in the 8th grade and reached the level of being able to read the world’s classic English novels. I also read it obsessively. In 1915, the teacher, who had more life experience as he matured in reading, became eager to write a novel. On the night of November 8, he started writing the novel ‘Yangyi Aung’. Yang Gyi Aung is a novel written by his own mind. However, the chapter where the main character, Ma Xo Myain, is bet by 4 prostitutes and becomes a bachelor is taken from Reynolds’ novel ‘The Mysteries of London’. Yan Gyi Aung’s novel was chosen to be published by the Sariya Newspaper and was given a hundred silver as a tribute. This is how the master became a writer. Then, at the urging of Suria U Baba, he wrote the novel ‘Jewel Picture’ based on the novel ‘East Lynne’ by Mrs. Henry Wood. Because of those two novels, the teacher was appointed editor of Suriya magazine, so he entered the world of literature. He adopted the pen name of ‘Golden Peacock’ after the ‘Peacock’, which is the symbol of the ‘Turiya’ (Sun) that brought the Master into the world of literature.


In 1335, Master He passed away on Friday, the 12th day of the first lunar month (August 10th, 1973 AD).

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