Thawta Swe (writer)

Thawta Swe (writer)

The great writer Thaw Ta Swe was born on Monday, May 26, 1919, to a farmer father, U Pho Se, and a mother, Daw Hla Rin, in the village of Korpin, in the middle of the city of Pung Teng. The third of 8 siblings. His horoscope name is Maung Chit Hlaing and his younger name is Boni. When he enrolled in school, he was named Maung Jin Maung, and when he grew up, he was named Maung Kyin Swe.


In 1926, at the age of 7, he had to study in a secular school that taught only Burmese language, which was opened in the monastery of Kyopin village. At the age of 14, he transferred to a high school opened in the monastery of Khorpinywa, and in 1938, he passed the 10th grade of Burmese.

He continued his education at the teacher training school in Yangon and passed the teacher training course. In 1939, he graduated as a high school Burmese teacher, known at that time as “Higher Great”, and continued to attend Daw Ma’s Modern English Free Study School on Sanchao Maupin Street. In that school, he changed his name to Maung Kyin Swe. I had to study English for two years.

The beginning of a writer’s life

As a child, He was fond of poetry, etc., and used to write poems since he was a student. When his father threw him out of the house, he became angry and started writing humorous novels for Shumawa magazine. In August 1947, the first manuscript arrived in Shuma. A bottle of brandy is the first novel.

After that, he met Master Shwe U Daung and started writing letters, which led him to write detective novels. Shumawa To Apa Yadara (1947); Books such as Yan Aung Yadana (1948) were released. Later, he was transferred to other magazines. The books of Sir Thaw Ta Swe continue to come out from Shumawa Bookstore. In 1959, he started editing and publishing Ahi monthly comedy magazine. He worked in the book publishing business called Thawta Literature.


On March 4, 1995, he died of a nervous disease at Yangon No. 2 Tatmadaw Hospital. Two sons and three daughters from the first marriage and no children from the third marriage

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