Thein Pe Myint (Writer)

Thein Pe Myint (Writer)


Thein Pe Myint (real name Thein Pe) was born in Upper Myanmar. Sagaing Division He was born in Butlin Township. From the time he started writing literature, the young name Thein Pe took Myint from his mother’s name, Daw Myint, and added Thein Pe Myint to his pen name.


In 1935, he received a BA degree from Yangon University. Thein Pe Myint married Khin Kyi Kyi in 1946 and had four children. He died in 1978 at the age of 64. Thein Pe Myint (Thin Thein Pe) 10 July 1914 – 15 January 1978) was an influential Burmese politician. He is a writer and journalist. He is the author of numerous prominent political and social books and the founder of the influential Botajung newspaper. Thein Pe Myint was a leader of Marxist (Marxist) knowledge and played a leading role in Myanmar’s independence movement and post-war politics.

Political movement

Party politics is aligning one’s beliefs with the beliefs of the entire party. It is the skill that the party has to make believe. If his rope is too tight, If it is less, No sound came out. A string can be played and the sound of music may come out.

As he adjusts his strings, he conflicts with other voices and becomes alienated. If Thein Pe Myint’s path can be fought to become the party’s path, he will still be one with the Communist Party today. He did not fight. fought. Art is also his good weapon. However, as a striker, he fell. [4]

A controversial but well-known writer, Thakin Thein Pe has quickly become one of the leading spokesmen of the leftist movement in Myanmar. He was a prominent student leader in the 1936 A university student-led strike against the British colonial government and the 1938 B “1300 Uprising” C.

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