Zawgi (writer)

Irrawaddy Division He was born in Phayap City, and his father, Yo, 1907 – from mother Daw Sein Nyunt April 12 Born on Friday. He is the eldest of nine siblings. His real name is U Thein Han.

As a child, Sir Zaw Ji studied at the monastery in Phayap. The adults gathered at Mr. Zaw Ji’s house and talked about the letter. Because they talked about Pe, Mr. Zaw Ji had been in Burma, Myanmar since he was a child. He was familiar with Burmese literature.


After that, he studied at the English Burmese Government High School in Phayap City until the seventh grade. At the end of the seventh grade, he participated in the first student strike of 1920. When national schools appeared all over Burma, Mr. Zawji went to Phayap town, He moved to a national school to study. Then again Yangon, He moved to the city high school and studied until passing the 11th grade. At that time, the headmaster was U Balwin.


Mr. Zawji died at the age of 83 on September 26, 1990, at his home on Kamboza Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, where he lived.

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